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Today, business grows with the click of a finger. The world is going digital and business networks too are growing online. To stay ahead in the game, a digital identity and presence is crucial for every brand. LOL defines and shapes your digital strategies, enabling entrepreneurs, brands and corporates to reach out to a larger audience, easily and effectively

About Lady On Live

LADY ON LIVE supports entrepreneurs, professionals and companies to start building digital conversation and networks around their business and product. These online conversations keep your business relevant and extend social engagement. It allows you to maintain a pulse of trends in the marketplaces, socially as well as visually! We carefully select the right and customized digital promotional mix that offers the best ROI for your busyness.

We really care about your unique brand and tailoring needful digital outfits to attract more customers to your business. For us, that is possible because our skills have been nurtured in real media ambience.

Responsive Partner

In this day and age, representation in social media is extremely important. Communications squashed to emoji to express an idea or emotion. When communication comes to business, you need a trustworthy partner more responsive towards business communication instantly. This is what we do for you.


Creative writers and technologists at LOL help business and individuals to recognize their fullest potential through groundbreaking and evocative contents. The texts, image, videos and campaign strategies we use help to tangibly transform your brand value to better product growth.


Consumers want their information in real time. Buyers want a fascinating experience that connects and update people to particular brand instantaneously. LOL dedicated to enhancing and automate your social media engagement and bringing you to more targeted client groups and help to explore new markets!


Search Engine Optimization is critical to expose your businesses to those are searching online to find you. LOL specialized in cost effective SEO. Helping your business gets ranked and so your customer can find you. We extensively work to improve your organic likes and share that attract genuine customers.

Why Choose Us

LOL offers a great service in quick content development, promotional design, online delivery & maximum reach in social media. We understand that each business is distinctive, so we engage the right passionate team and they are working to cater your brand 24x7 on a digital tube. We love being Live and excited on the ever-changing possibility of Internet brings us, the quickness in which it evolves and the power it gives to communicate and inspire a targeted customer never like before.

LOL will work with you to redefine your return on investment by putting an absolute team effort into it and recognizing your potential audience. Our philosophy is to offer the very best service to all partners with us.
The professionals at LOL are experts in social media engagements like crafting online promotional contents, finding target clients & fixing Influencer Marketing, getting results in Search Engine Optimization etc .
We are proud of our professional client relation management. Mrs. Nisha Krishnan, CEO& director, manages all projects and campaigns. She is a broadcast journalist by profession and has 15 years of industry experience. Mrs. Nisha will be your one point contact throughout your time with us as much as possible. This obviously guarantees a sense of understanding from the beginning itself.
Quality is of utmost importance in digital products. LOL ensure our assignments are delivered smoothly, at very highest standards and in the most cost-effective way possible. We specifically select tools that appropriate for fine quality and industry standards.

Trendy Service

Digital promotion isn’t just about setting up either a Facebook page, tuning into a Twitter account or just streaming some live videos, but developing appealing content, interacting with targeted clients, share digestible and quickly understanding content are the ideal business.

Increase Your Visibility

When LOL partner with you we’ll work to create significant contents that will push your digital accounts to the forefront of your industry that help your company stay on top for more search phrases. We design, nurture and promote your digital presence effectively.

Humanizing Your Brand

LOL works to make your brand essential by presenting it with personal affection. We help you to create a personal intimacy towards the brand and involve them in more holistic communication. We do interactive engagement on your social media accounts to civilize you brand.

Quickly Digestible Content

We help you to tell your business, product and new features in speedily consumable texts or posts in a way that makes you stand out of the crowd. That allow you to continue layman conversation and to understand their needs and that convert leads into customers.

Art of story telling

The video has grown to be one of the most powerful tools in the promotion. Videos and info-graphics keep users much longer on discussion than just plain text. We develop thoughtfully crafted video contents that generating emotional response among targeted audience, which is more important.

Grow your business with LOL

If it is your goal to obtain digitally visible and available to your clients and fans online 24x7, get connect with your audience instantaneously, get shared and give a reply to their posts, be the vibrant and brand leader in your business network, want to reach more people by eliminating geographical limits? Then, LOL would love to help you.

Sometimes you put in the harden money, time and hard work, laid the infrastructure and spend huge money for promoting your brand and touching the client. Now how do you take the next steps to grow your business beyond its current status? Come along with us and we can work together to get a digital edge for your smart work.

Talented Team


We are happy to listen to you and cure your qualms within our limit. You can find out the answers to most pressing and important questions below. Do you still have more questions? Give us a call at 9400816700 or text us at 9400816700 and we’d be happy to find the answer.

Social Media has become one of the most powerful ways to market your business. People are hanging out on Google, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and more, on average, spending one minute out of every five on Facebook. Finally, a platform gives you an opportunity for a two-way conversation with your ideal audience. But need to be vigilant on comments and conversations about your business happening online. It is important to respond to these reviews online carefully to safeguard your business interest.
Social media marketing is a public relation tools and marketing technique all rolled into one. We can help you manage your online reputation by social listening and monitoring. Those give you the opportunity to be part of the conversation and make promotional and sale advantage of it.
Our action manager will provide you with detailed monthly reports that include post details, showing your social media graph, SEO, email and brand performance. They’ll also provide you with ongoing solutions to continue your social media growth, finding new followers and creating excitement about your brand. We help you design a yearly social media promotional plan and content to ensure your social media marketing more effective.
If you are using the Internet directly or indirectly to connect clients, promote your brand or planning to expand trough social networks, we tend to think so. Today digital media promotion is critical to find and grow a targeted following and drive leads and sales for any type of business.
LOL develops tailor-made contents strategy that will suit your target audience and your unique business. Our graphic designers create custom images for your brand and our action managers post content that informs, entertains or inspires your target customer.

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LOL is headquartered in Doha, Qatar and stretched its operations to London through Kochi, India. Our digital services are available anywhere in the globe where English as a medium of work & communication.

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